Achievements - Transportations

Railway, Automotive, Avionics


Railways signaling and diagnosis systems: V&V, RAMS and Safety Management for complex safety critical (SIL4) HW/SW systems (trackside and on-board, e.g. SCMT, SSC, ERTMS/ETCS, axle counters, automatic diagnostic systems for wheel treads, etc.)

Development of simulators for ERTMS/ETCS system (NI, Labview)

Embedded software development for highly safety critical (SIL4) systems


Embedded software of a motorcycle: test and quality evaluation of the software. Training on the job on software V&V (SW guidelines, MISRA-C standard)

Simulator for training of truck drivers: software validation


Very Light Aircraft: Study and gap analysis for application of European norm CS-VLA (Certification Specifications for Very Light Aeroplanes) by Aviation Safety Agency

Helicopters Ditching system: RAMS Analysis (Reliability Analysis, FMECA, FTA)

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